Sunday, September 21, 2014

Power Trip "The Armageddon Blues Sessions" - TRIPLE-B RECORDS

RA "The Awakening" - TRIPLE-B RECORDS

Iron Reagan "The Tyranny Of Will" - RELAPSE RECORDS

No Bragging Rights "The Concrete Flower" - PURE NOISE ENTERTAINMENT

Torso "Community Psychosis" - Adagio 830

Safe And Sound "The Tides" - Life To Live Records

Fucking Invincible "It'll Get Worse Before It Gets Better" - Atomic Action! Records.

Cruel Hand - Monument Square People (Official Music Video) - Hopeless Records.

Clean Break "Face Value" -

Hardwired "One Way Out Demo 2014" - LIFE TO LIVE RECORDS

This Routine Is Hell "Howl" - BITTER MELODY RECORDS

Somali Pirates "Skeg City" - Indecision Records

The Old Firm Casuals "This Means War" - Oi! The Boat Records

Aviator "Head In The Clouds, Hands In The Dirt" - No Sleep Records